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- If I am not in Texas or Kansas, I am probably in the mountains


I am a brand photographer and brand & website designer. I have a passion for entrepreneurship + small business, creativity, and a desire to connect with people and share their stories through the avenue of photography and design.

I created Libby Lea Creative to empower you to keep moving forward in making your business dream a long-lasting reality.

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                       Now that I live in Texas, I’m supposed to say that, right? Well, it’s true - I’m not in Kansas anymore. I am a Kansas girl who, through a few moves around the Midwest, has now found myself in the beautiful (and very large) city of Dallas, Texas. So, what am I doing here? Here is my story:

After graduating from Kansas State University with a BA in Business Marketing, I moved down to Branson, Missouri to attend a post-graduate seminary program called the Kanakuk Institute. I was able to learn and grow in my knowledge of the Bible, gain a better understanding of God’s character, discover a new outlook on my future and what God has planned for my life. After an incredible season of learning and growing, I moved to Dallas, Texas, which I now call home! I love it here and plan to stay here for a while (unless God has another plan – gotta take this whole Texas thing one step at a time).

hey y'all!

I am a brand, product, couple and lifestyle photographer and graphic designer. Every single day, I find myself searching for any opportunity to create, dream, and do. I have a passion for all things creative, a desire to connect with people and share their stories through the avenue of photography and design, and most of all, an undeniable love for Jesus Christ and sharing the unmatched love He has for us.  

SO, I want to share those passions with you! I am here to dream, create, photograph and design for YOU. As I mentioned above, I love people. Hearing stories and learning about people and what makes them who they are, is such an exciting opportunity. It is important to feel understood and feel heard, so my goal here is to connect with you all in hopes of making this big world feel a little bit smaller.     

Thank you for coming by! I would love to hear from you anytime! If there is any way that my services can help you, then I am doing my job. I thank God for the opportunity to have a little place here on the internet and for the gifts He gives each and every one of us to share with each other every single day. 

With Love,

Libby Lea

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Our vision is to become the agency that champions small business owners through creating the desired tools and community they crave

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                           champions small business owners